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Multiple Choice: ’47 Caddy or ’48 Lincoln?

Silver Auctions’ March sale at Fountain Hills, Ariz., included 191 vehicles. Among them were a couple of post-war American luxury cars. Given your choice, would you bid on the 1947 Cadillac Club Coupe (blue car) or 1948 Lincoln Continental (red car)? Which would you want in your garage? Tell us why via the “Share your comments” box below.



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4 Comments on "Multiple Choice: ’47 Caddy or ’48 Lincoln?"

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  1. Wayne brewer says:

    I”m a GM guy so I”d go with the Caddy

  2. Brian Weller says:

    While a late ’40s Cadillac and Lincoln are certainly pretty, in my garage sits a beautiful 1939 Chevrolet Master Deluxe 4 door sedan. With a straight six and newly rebuilt 3 speed stick shift, my classic runs smooth and looks amazing for 75 years old!

  3. Thomas says:

    The Caddy in red.

  4. Jack windt says:

    The Lincoln…..any day

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