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We have Desert Concorso tickets to give away!

Cars pre-run the fairways in preparations for inaugural Desert Concorso

Cars pre-run the fairways in preparations for inaugural Desert Concorso

Hopefully you read our recent story previewing the Desert Concorso taking place Sunday March 30, at the Shadow Mountain resort in Palm Desert, Calif.

What we at the blog didn’t realize at the time was that our mother ship,, is among the sponsors of the event and has 20 tickets to the event to share with you.

Here’s the plan: We’ll divide those 20 tickets into 10 sets of two tickets so you don’t have to go alone. All you need to do is to indicate your interest in the “Comments” box below. (And let’s be real, here, please limit yourself to only one entry per person.)

On March 21, we’ll pick the 10 winners at random and make sure the tickets are in your hands in time for the Desert Concorso on the 30th.



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5 Comments on "We have Desert Concorso tickets to give away!"

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  1. Jack Schafer says:

    Ready for the Desert Concorso, need two tickets. Hope to a winner. This is as close as I will get to see this great gathering. Jack Schafer

  2. Clinton Quan says:


    I absolutely love Italian cars. I would love to have 2 tickets.

  3. Clinton Quan says:

    Have the winners been selected? Also, it appears that there is only one other person who requested tickets. Can I get more tickets for friends?

  4. lisa says:

    Awesome that the Desert Concorso is coming to Palm Desert! Any tickets left for 2 Italian car lovers????

  5. David Lee says:

    David Lee; would love to have 2 tickets for my wife and I to travel from Fl. to CA. for the Desert Concorso .

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